Game Changer Thinking Interactive
to May 17

Game Changer Thinking Interactive

Join us for Game Changer Thinking Interactive May 15, 16 & 17, 2014  in the Palm Beach, Florida area.

Our theme is 'Think Through it and Do It' where you'll learn insights,  tools and strategies to choose, create and develop a business start up or revamp program. 

You'll learn how to gain instant workable 'expertise' in a chosen topic, how to position, package and present yourself to ramp up a viable business. You'll practice sharing your business and could even pick up some new clients at the workshop! And you'll leave with an action plan of next steps.

Registeration will open soon! Early birds will benefit!

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to Feb 12

Women Wise and Free: Stepping Into & Onto the Next Stage of Your Life

Women Wise and Free:
Stepping Into & Onto the Next Stage of Your Life

Get your VERVE back with our Luxury retreat & personalized tuition & coaching!

Women Wise and Free

Palm Beach Pampering Program-

February 6,7 & 8, 2014  Palm Beach, Florida area

  • morning yoga, dance and other surprises for reviving your body and spirit
  • learning sessions set up to allow ‘free’ time for power lunching & networking, shopping, or pampering & reflection time -  Palm Beach, Florida area

$1497  includes tuition and activities materials, several meals & special treats to pamper you! Palm Beach, Florida area.

You arrive into PBI (Palm Beach International Airport), FLL (Ft. Lauderdale Airport 45 miles away) or MIA (Miami Airport 65 miles away), and pay for your hotel on site or nearby.

Daily Tuition from master trainer/coach/facilitator Donna Kim-Brand with insights, tools and strategies to get your VERVE back! You will uplevel your executive thinking skills and rev up your impact.

Bonus:  1 complimentary ticket for the May Game Changer Thinking workshop in Florida & friend rate at $297. ($997 value each ticket)




Women Wise and Free:

Luxury Canadian Lake Wilderness Retreat: 

August 2014

Exclusive ARTful Masterclass for enterprising women (limited to 12)

A= Adventure + R= Revitalization + T= Transformation

What You Will Experience

Daily half day sessions with Donna Kim-Brand of (value $10,000)

Donna is a master trainer, coach & facilitator specializing in teaching thinking, learning and creativity tools to optimize performance, productivity & impact all while living your life as a Masterpiece in the Making on an Epic Life Adventure.

Daily adventure activities:
Experience nature up close on pristine Chilko Lake, with the degree of activity you want, best seen when you visit the website (value $3000.)

5-Star gourmet meals, libations & luxury cabins in nature:                                                
Pampering by our hosts at Chilko Lake Resort, the wonderful Anne and Phil Huston along with Chef Fez & cool staff! Cabins are shared w/in our group. (value $3000k)

Coaching Mastermind for 3 months following the retreat:
You’ll have access to both individual and group coaching along with Mastermind opportunities, with Game Changer Thinking applied to your personal and business development. Build on what you created on the ARTful Retreat! (value $4800)

Charter plane from Vancouver to meet our hosts for the ground trip to Chilko Lake Resort. You get yourself to Vancouver by the morning of August 9, and we take care of your transport from there. We will return to Vancouver by mid-day August 15 so you can make your arrangements to fly home or stay and visit in the area. (value $1000)

Bonus #1-

Complimentary ticket to Game Changer Thinking Live event May 2014  3 days of interactive experiential Game Changer Thinking training and application to your business, life and legacy. (Palm Beach, Florida)  (value $997/ticket-  Your Guest tickets specially priced at $297/ticket)

Bonus #2-

Complimentary inclusion in the ‘Brain Unplugged’ webinar course

Escape analysis paralysis with effective mental movement and dynamic vision strategy. (value $197)

Bonus #3-

Complimentary inclusion in the  ‘Thinking for Impact’ webinar course Leverage your brainpower for value creation and faster, better thinking on anything, anywhere, any time!  (value $197)

Total value : $25,191.00 You will not pay this!

Remember- only 12 can join us!  First to sign up receive first pick on your cabins.

One time Charter Investment:

$6997 - full pay                 $7497 - $1497 non-refundable deposit then 3 x $2000

Women Wise and Free:
Stepping Into & Onto the Next Stage of Your Life

Will You be One of the Exclusive Few?



Women Wise and Free is A program of        © Donna Kim-Brand


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4:00 PM16:00

InSight Frames

Top performers in any field have developed unconscious habits out of conscious patterns of success. You can do the same with your ability to think.The InSight Framework and InSight Frame thinking tools provide a simple model for accessing information and making use of it for your purposes.

We'll overview the 10 Frames with real world examples and see how using thinking frameworks empowers all your mental efforts. (Planning, analyzing,  evaluating, decision-making, ideation, writing reports, making presentations, and more.)

Join this 4 week webinar course for insights on how you can make the Insight Frames work to make you not only think effectively and look good, but facilitate others to be more productive through Creative Collaboration. 

As an added bonus, during the course, you will also work through many of your own business and personal issues.

Live class dates:  October 21 & 23, 28 & 30

4-5 pm est


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4:00 PM16:00

Thinking for Impact

Thinking for Impact 

Rewire Your Brain for Value Creation and Build Your Mental Toolkit

4 part webinar course with Donna Kim-Brand.

Module 1: Rewire Your Brain for Success

Module 2: Use Creativity for Value Creation

Module 3: Thinking Tools to Leverage Your Mental Mileage

Module 4: Orchestrating Your Impact

After each session you will have access to a weekely Challenge to practice and apply your learning to your own issues!

Gain awareness of your mind-power so you can harness it.

Learn frameworks to shortcut individual and group thinking.

Discover ‘mental movement’ and tools that serve your purpose.

Cultivate mental resilience to support your impact.

Live class dates: Sept. 30 & Oct.2 then Oct. 7 & 9, 2013

4-5pm est

Replays available when registered. 


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4:00 PM16:00

Brain Unplugged

Escape Analysis Paralysis with Productive Mental Movement and Dynamic Vision Strategy

4 part webinar course with Donna Kim-Brand 

Module 1: Mental Clutter Busting

Module 2: Catapult from Stuck to Stunning

Module 3: Mental Movement Toolkit

Module 4: Cultivating Dynamic Group Mind Power

Gain mental freedom through simple frameworks.

Harness natural dynamics to achieve your goals more effectively.

Learn tools & techniques to empower individual and group thinking.

After each session you have access to theweekly Challenge to practice and apply your learning to your own issues. 

$197.00 to register  

Live class dates: August 19 & 21, 26 & 28, 2013

4-5pm est 

Replays available when registered.


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