Kaleidoscopic Life Collage

Most modern entrepreneurs I know are living multi-dimensional lives. They are multi-faceted and multi-skilled, add value in multiple arenas, and swirl through their days like a whirling dervish. It is at once thrilling… and exhausting!

Introducing the concept of ‘Kaleidoscopic Living’, where you find your internal focus, then create infrastructures to identify, harness and showcase your multiplicity of facets, talents and goals. Part of being a ‘facet manager’ includes maintaining a ‘dynamic equilibrium’ which supports your current priorities and  illuminates of your unique life. You will learn how to maintain internal peace amidst the excitement and diversity of living a full-spectrum lifestyle.

In this four part course, you will expand your perception through simple frameworks, explore insights and express your Kaleidoscopic Life in Collage across the arenas of:

·        your personal life as a Masterpiece in the Making

·        family, friends and relationships

·        business, career  and finances

·        societal impact as a Living Legacy

Your takeaways will be your very own collage each week, representing a real time or aspirational snapshot of your thoughts and feelings in each arena. I will also provide class handouts each week for further exploration of the underlying ideas and techniques to support you moving ahead as you choose.

All you need to do is show up with a spirit of creative discovery and playfulness, and the magic of your very own Kaleidoscopic Life will unfold.

The course is $197 for all 4 weeks.