Donna is an experienced corporate and educational trainer. All workshops are customized to fit the real world issues & opportunities of clients even while delivering set objectives. Thus, pricing will depend, in part, on numbers of participants and unique needs.

Many of the one day workshops can be held in half day, which, of course, affects content & time for group interaction. When possible, choose the full day experience for optimal effect.


InSight Frames- 

Empower yourself and your team to learn shortcuts to faster, better, easier thinking which is also more comprehensive and productive at the same time. Learn 10 Thinking Frames which allow access and insight into focus issues from multiple perspectives. This workshop will deliver Return on Investment many times over.


Mind Mapping for Strategic Advantage-

Strategic advantage is about gaining a competitive edge through mastering all the moving pieces of your enterprise within the larger context you operate in. Sharpen your wits by improving your memory, drastically cutting prep time for your presentations while enhancing delivery, grasp the big picture and the details in one fell-swoop, cut the time on project research and management, get your team on board and up to speed faster.  By using Mind Maps, the Swiss Army Knife of thinking tools, you will learn how to get your own brain on your team along with your colleagues.


Memory and Mental Fitness-

How much time and money is lost by forgetting key information? Most people have never been taught how to use their memory correctly. When you do, not only will you save time and make more money, you’ll gain confidence and understand how to communicate more effectively. In the process, you expand both your sense of powerful personal presence and your creativity. Who knew cultivating a superior memory would be so much fun as well as productive?


Speed Reading and Information Management-

Information overload got you down? Are your project piles taking over your desk or desktop? Learn how to use brain-friendly reading and information management both to save time on unnecessary inputs and to strategically direct your information outputs. Communication is enhanced and collaboration is facilitated which saves time and money on projects. You’ll also save a bundle by not having to buy so many books when you know how to assess if you need them. The principles apply online as well as offline. Zippy and way beyond anything you’d expect from a course like this.


Applied Business Creativity-

Creativity is about adding value, whether through new insights, novel ideas, or products and services which are new to the market in some way. Effective creativity includes having both a creative mindset and creativity tools that you can whip out and apply when needed. And yes, creativity CAN be taught. In fact, the ability to keep up with change, or better yet to innovate as a trend setter, is a coveted 21st century job skill. Learn how to cultivate creativity on demand and apply the skill to business (and life) development and deployment.


The FORCE of Creative Collaboration-

Creative Collaboration is a 21st century skillset, comprised of several key elements: Knowing how to set up a creative culture that encourages engagement and exploration, a creative mindset and shared tools for Mental Movement. When two or more people focus on harnessing the powers of creativity and goodwill in such an environment, not only is productivity heightened but so is the willingness to collaborate time and again. The principles can be applied to group facilitation (using the tools as a hidden harmony) as well as to overt, dynamic creative combustion.


Family Brain Gym-

Experience yours and your child’s brilliance side by side in this family workshop designed both to cultivate skills and tools for better performance in learning, thinking and communicating at work, at school and at home. You will learn tools, techniques and strategies to improve focus and concentration, memory, study skills, creativity, decision making and presentation skills. Along the way, you will engage with each other and develop better relationships in the process. Family Brain Gym can be run with one family, small or large groups.


Shapeshifting Day for Business, Life and Legacy-

Designed primarily for individuals, couples or small teams, Shapeshifting Day is really a 3 month coaching process with preliminary awareness raising, a one day immersion coaching session with Donna and 2 follow-up sessions to monitor your progress through your action plan. You will uncover your Power Patterns as a Masterpiece in the Making and design your Epic Life Adventure and Living Legacy during the process.