Do you want an upbeat, edgy style of presenting that informs, educates and engages audience members?

Do you seek keynote presentations tailored to fit your time slot which are customized according to your objectives as well as to address your audience needs, skills and interests?

Then I fit the bill! Obviously I can cover more ground and provide more hands-on experiential learning with more time. I can also be hired for additional follow-up time with experiential workshops on the keynote (or related) topics.  

The Will, Skill and Thrill! Behind Creative Resilience and Brilliance

We live in a success oriented world and everyone wants to achieve goals, both personal and professional. How we go about it, and what desired results actually look like is often highly individualized, despite the best-laid blueprint or action plan. Why? There are dynamics in play which, if we know how to take advantage of them, can catapult us more graciously and effectively towards our desired targets. Mastering these dynamics and their nuances unleashes each person’s unique creative brilliance and builds creative resilience in the process. Both individuals and organizations benefit from learning and applying this Natural Creative Dynamic on personal and professional goals.

Objectives: Understand, learn and practice the underlying natural creative dynamic of manifesting results and how to put it to work for multiple goals, both personal and professional, from where you are now.

Takeaways: learn the NOW, HOW, WOW! Natural Creative Dynamic, set up the dynamic for at least one of your own (or organizational) desired goals, establish first steps towards achieving the results you want


The Art and Craft of Creativity

Discoveries in neuroscience allow us to understand the modus operendi of the brain that allows the juxtaposition of a pattern-making mechanism supporting stability and routine alongside a maverick mechanism that leads to disruptive creative insights. What this means in practical terms is that we now know how to generate ‘creativity on demand’, which sounds oxymoronic to many.

Yet, in a world of accelerating change, this is key to not only keeping up with change, but riding the wave at the cutting edge as a thought leader, even while maintaining aspects of the status quo.

What this means is that we need to be training ourselves in both the art and craft of creativity: how to engage our visionary creative mindset to imagine future possibilities even while developing our thinking capacity to deal with the pragmatic realities. It behooves us to ‘crack this nut’, all without ‘going nuts’ losing our sanity or identity, in order to survive and thrive in our times.

This presentation delivers practical creativity tools and insights based on scientific research for everyday use along with future imagineering in all areas of life and work.

Objectives: update on impact of findings in neuroscience to the art and craft of creativity in action, audience engagement in at least 3 creativity tools, examples of applied creativity, summary of benefits to developing a creative mindset and toolkit

Takeaways: at least 3 creativity tools for participants’ immediate personal and professional use, insights into the nature and power of creativity, experience of inter-group creative collaboration building relationships, cohesion and desirable outcomes.


Sculpting Your Kaleidoscopic Life into a Living Legacy

The notion of ‘work-life balance’ presumes a sort of measured control over your professional-personal life. In fast changing times such as we live in now, you are more often at the mercy of forces beyond your direct control. So how do you keep your job, your sanity and a ‘real life’ at the same time? Through Kaleidoscopic Living and Dynamic Equilibrium- by exercising ‘facet management’ on key areas of your life that provide consistency to your identity while also flowing with the demands of the times. Meanwhile, rather than time simply passing and leading to regrets years later, you are consciously sculpting your path as an Epic Life Adventure while creating your Living Legacy along the way.

Objectives: Introduction to the concepts of Kaleidoscopic Living, Dynamic Equilibrium, Epic Life Adventure and Living Legacy, inspiring a practical visionary perspective on life that will lead to more productivity, creativity and fulfillment in business and life.

Takeaways: A chance to identify aspects of the above concepts as they relate to each participant’s life, empowerment via tools and perspectives experienced, a template for future development in both professional and personal environments


Thinking Tools and Ground Rules: The
Hidden Harmony Behind Creative Collaboration

Creative Collaboration is a buzzword that speaks of inclusive, engaging and productive group creativity. When done well, the rewards are great on many levels. The problem is, the process is fraught with potential pitfalls and obstacles that can kill the creative urge and stifle the desire to collaborate. You end up worse off than before you started.

In this session you’ll be introduced to several key elements that, when put in place, act  to facilitate the whole process in such a way as to heighten creativity, facilitate collaboration, yield desired outcomes on some level and still leave the participants excited to do it all again. It’s as if there’s an invisible ‘hidden harmony’ at work in the process.

Objectives: Learn the key elements that grease the wheels for sustainable creative collaboration, and have an experience of the process

Takeaways: understand the basic ground rules for creative collaboration, key elements that make up a creative environment and several thinking tools for mental movement