Corporate Design Days

Creativity and Thinking by Design


How often have you been in meetings that drone on endlessly yet seem to get nowhere? Or even worse, people end up so frustrated that relationships go down the tubes and you end up in a worse position than when the meeting started? Or maybe despite all the good will present, people just can't seem to escape their existing biases or ways of thinking about how the organization should operate. The result in any case is STAYING STUCK, feeling HOPELESS & DEMORALIZED. Triple whammy.

Having worked with many teams and individual coaching clients, I know the wasted time and squandering of good will that can occur when there seems to be no way way forward. This is where I come in! Or rather, the Creativity and Thinking by Design approach comes in with tools, techniques and strategies that allow you to, first of all, get on the same page as a team. Then you will discover how to collaboratively escape the ruts of existing thinking and propel forward with creative options and innovative solutions. Together, throughout the session, you design effective and satisfying ways that deliver the results you seek.

Transparency leading to Clarity & Accountability

Organize for Optimizing Resources and Leverage

Action Steps for Mental Movement and Energizing Efforts

Streamline the Process and gain Skills to Deliver Results

Traction for Momentum and Creating Success

Staying stuck? you are TOAST.

Apply Creativity and Thinking by Design? TOAST to a mission accomplished!

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