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With Donna Kim-Brand, The Edgy Evolutionary

If you’re an entrepreneurial leader or visionary, stay ahead of your game with insights, tools and strategies that give you the ‘Thought Leader’s Edge’.

Each week on Wise Up Radio, join Donna and her guests to

·        Ask the edgy questions you really want answers to

·        Discover game changer shortcuts to better thinking and learning

·        Explore the ripple effects of leadership excellence

·        And Learn to create your life as a ‘Living Legacy’, where ‘the legacy you leave is the life you live’.

As Thought Leaders, you need strategies to help you enjoy the confidence and thrill of riding the wave of rapid change. Donna Kim-Brand brings decades of international, hands-on experience in business and education along with an edgy evolutionary approach to effectiveness and joie de vivre.

Join the conversation & jumpstart your wits on Wise Up Radio, Tuesdays at 1pm Eastern, part of the RockStarRadioNetwork.com.