Self Leadership and Creative Expression

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Did you ever wonder why many street or subway musicians who can play a mean tune are never-the-less not playing regular gigs at a club? Sometimes otherwise talented people never quite seem to fulfill their potential, be they pan-handlers or even ourselves. While there may be many reasons, one is because they, or we, lack a sense of self-leadership.

With some guidance and coaching, self-direction can be cultivated so that self- leadership can be internalized and expressed. Here are 5 winning practices, magnified when intertwined:

  • Motivation- you can motivate yourself by concentrating on what you want to accomplish, activating a realistic plan and setting yourself up for success.

  • Initiative- you can take steps to develop or improve on your own, without being prompted, once you know where you are headed and gain some momentum.

  • Focus- clarify your desired goals or outcomes, set a trajectory and take steps to move toward them. It's much easier to 'stay on track', short-term and long-term, when you actually know where the track is leading.

  • Discipline- Self leadership involves setting priorities, managing time and being persistent in striving towards your chosen goals. Discipline also involves cutting from activities or people who may distract you from your focus.

  • Learning- seek learning and accept coaching which deepens your knowledge and widens your experience. While it may be true that 'the more you know, the more you know you don't know', it's also the case that 'the more you know, the more you can know'. This is because learning builds your mental architecture. Learn both from what works and what doesn't work. And learn HOW to learn as well as what you need to know, because that will empower you in the long-term even as the information changes.

Many of the above aspects of self-leadership are foundational elements for successful entrepreneurship. While some aspects of entrepreneurship are innate, many can be cultivated through skill development along with gaining knowledge of tools, techniques, and templates.