Shapeshifting Day for Your Business, Life and Legacy

Would you like to be listened to, seen & heard for who you really are & rediscover your innate power and magnificence to share with the world?

In Shamanic tradition, Shapeshifting is the ability to literally recreate your life into any 'shape' you can imagine with the help of unseen forces. While I don’t wear the feathers of a Shaman, I bring years of wisdom, experience, training and coaching to your personal Shapeshifting immersion experience.

With me, you will work with the unseen forces and energies of your heart and mind.  You will be guided through a process to Identify, Articulate and Manifest who you are (I AM) and what truly matters to you. You will reclaim your position as a Masterpiece in the Making and design a plan to access pivot points that take you forward within your 'power patterns'. This will allow you to re-charge your personal power and sculpt your life, business and/or legacy in alignment with your Highest and Best Self.

We will work together over 3 months,  in preparation and then follow-up to your Shapeshifting Day. For more details please contact Donna Kim-Brand: or call 561-246-3778.Investment in yourself- $5K

Shapeshifting Day for Your Business, Life and Legacy

Shapeshifting Day for Your Business, Life and Legacy.

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