Donna Kim-Brand & Richard Israel

Warm greetings from me,  

Donna Kim-Brand.


I work internationally teaching, coaching and facilitating visionary leaders, entrepreneurial business owners, teachers and students to develop and apply ‘Game Changer Thinking’. This includes skills in thinking, learning and creativity (TLC) designed to help articulate, implement and manifest your goals from the vantage point of Evolutionary Thought Leader in your personal life, business, education and society.

Part of the Game Changer Thinking philosophy to ‘Make Shift Happen’, is based on aligning yourself as a Masterpiece in the Making, using pivot points and power patterns to shift,  and harnessing your momentum to live an Epic Life Adventure as a Living Legacy.

Let me help you uplevel your 'executive skills' so you can:

  • think more effectively & strategically
  • learn & remember better
  • read faster & more selectively as relevant
  • be creative by design
  • tune in & nuture your inner knowing
  • facilitate creative collaboration
  • rev up your impact in the wider world

These are all 21st century leadership skills which will boost your influence, income and impact.

I’ve authored ‘The FORCE of Creative Collaboration: 5 Dynamics that Cultivate a Creative Culture’, ‘Beginners Guide to Mental Fitness and Training Your Brain with Thinking, Learning and Creativity Tools’, ‘Creative Mindset A to Z : 26 Ways to Become a Creative Hotshot’ and  ‘Bags of Creativity: 40 Creativity Tools for Your Creative Journey’.  ‘Family Brain Gym: 30 Transformational Tools for a Better Life at Work, Home and School’ and ‘Mindful Moves: 31 Ways to Stretch Your Body and Mind’ were co-authored with Richard Israel.

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Richard Israel-


Richard has over forty years of experience and international expertise in sales training, leadership development, creativity, and memory training with a unique skill of applying cognitive science. As a pioneer in creating ‘brain capital’ he is sought after around the world. His work has increased the intellectual capital within organizations and enabled teams and individuals to achieve optimal performance.

Richard’s books include Brain$ellThe BrainSmart LeaderGrass Roots Leader: The BrainSmart Revolution in BusinessHow to Think Creatively: Using the ‘TILS’ 4-step TechniqueSales GeniusShifting Gears: How You Can Succeed and Lead in the New Workplace – The Technology of SuccessSuperSellfThe VisionYour Mind at Work: Developing Self-knowledge for Business Success & Mind Chi-Rewire Your Brain in 8 Minutes a Day. Co-authored with Donna Kim-Brand are: Family Brain Gym; 30 Transformational Techniques for a Better Life at Work, Home and School and Mindful Moves: 31 Ways to Stretch Your Body and Mind.