Game Changer Thinking L3 Enterprise Coaching


In business, we usually seek to gain supreme results by outperforming 'the competition' in serving our customers with superior products and services. The kind of competitive edge offered by Game Changer Thinking is one which develops individual excellence in mental skilling and creative collaboration in order to deliver creative value in your personal and professional life.

“Give me a place to stand and a lever long enough and I shall move the world.” So uttered  the ancient polymath Archimedes.  Game Changer Thinking invites you to participate in the design of your life, business and legacy as an Entrepreneurial Archimedes.

In other words, you will cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and set of skills to leverage what you have into what you want.  You win. Your organization wins. Your customers win.

How it Works

Our program focuses on cultivating your personal and professional skills and abilities in 3 key areas:

§  Learning- learn to learn & think, rapidly, to achieve what you want

§  Leadership- harness vision & vigor strategically to guide others

§  Legacy- leave your unique imprint on the wider world as you live and do business

You will also learn ground-rules and tools to utilize creative collaboration and align for strategic delivery of results for your organization during the program.

Following several assessment visits to gain insights and understand your organizational goals and benchmarks, a group of colleagues in your enterprise will meet weekly for half a day over the next 3 months to learn, practice and develop your skills in the L3 arenas- Learning, Leadership and Legacy. You will each gain individually, yet be able to collaborate and leverage every session into more clarity and enhanced results for your organization, immediately.

Then, several followup visits ensue to ensure organizational integration and to clarify questions that come up as you practice and implement the skills and tools learned.

Additional online support materials will be made available throughout the program and for some time beyond completion. You will also have specified access to your Master Facilitator, Donna Kim-Brand, and some of her trained colleagues.

To uplevel your organizational dynamism to new heights in short order, with results that impact personal and professional performance, contact us today to begin an exploratory conversation.  Contact  Donna Kim-Brand at: or phone 561-246-3778.