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InSight Frames

Top performers in any field have developed unconscious habits out of conscious patterns of success. You can do the same with your ability to think.The InSight Framework and InSight Frame thinking tools provide a simple model for accessing information and making use of it for your purposes.

We'll overview the 10 Frames with real world examples and see how using thinking frameworks empowers all your mental efforts. (Planning, analyzing,  evaluating, decision-making, ideation, writing reports, making presentations, and more.)

Join this 4 week webinar course for insights on how you can make the Insight Frames work to make you not only think effectively and look good, but facilitate others to be more productive through Creative Collaboration. 

As an added bonus, during the course, you will also work through many of your own business and personal issues.

Live class dates:  October 21 & 23, 28 & 30

4-5 pm est